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Zeidman Technologies Releases Software
For Synthesizing A Real-Time Operating System

CUPERTINO, CA (November 24, 2003) - Zeidman Technologies (www.zeidman.biz), a developer of software tools for embedded system design, today announced a tool for software synthesis. The program, SynthOSTM, automatically generates a small, fast real-time operating system (RTOS), customized and optimized for a user's embedded applications.

According to Bob Zeidman, president of Zeidman Technologies, "SynthOS addresses the unfilled needs of embedded software developers who can't fit a full-fledged RTOS into a memory-constrained system but would benefit greatly from multitasking. These developers represent over one-third of all embedded developers."

Michael Barr, president of Netrino Consultants Network and the author of two widely read books on embedded systems programming, concurs. "Software synthesis revolutionizes the way operating systems are created. No longer does the application have to work around the OS. With SynthOS, the application's precise needs dictate the function of the OS and there are no new APIs for the programmer to learn."

SynthOS borrows the concept of hardware synthesis and applies it to software. The user just writes their tasks and adds a few simple SynthOS statements. SynthOS automatically generates the C source code for a complete RTOS. There is no longer a need to fool with semaphores and mutexes. SynthOS works with all processors that have a C compiler and with existing tools - compilers, debuggers, interpreters, and emulators - for executing and debugging the resulting synthesized code. SynthOS produces small, fast code and performs checking to ensure that race conditions cannot occur and that tasks have the correct priorities.

Pricing for SynthOS is $20,000 per license and $4,000 for annual maintenance. SynthOS is currently available for beta testing and discounts for beta customers apply.

About Zeidman Technologies

Zeidman Technologies is a developer of software tools for the efficient design of embedded systems. The company is creating a powerful new tool set using software synthesis to automatically generate source code, based on the concept of hardware synthesis. These tools can significantly cut development time, optimize the system software, and squeeze performance out of simple, low power microprocessors. The company was founded by industry leading experts in hardware and software design and is headquartered in Cupertino, California. More information about the company, its products and services is available at www.zeidman.biz.

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SynthOS is a trademark of Zeidman Technologies.

  Contact: Bob Zeidman
    (650) 741-5809


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