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Gartner Cool Vendor 2016

Zeidman Technologies Named a Cool Vendor in IoT 'Thingification' by Gartner

Read more about this honor here.

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Zeidman Technologies Will Design Your System For You

You can now hire us to develop your firmware and/or hardware. Leveraging the experience of our sister company Zeidman Consulting and the power of SynthOS, we can develop your firmware in a fraction of the time that others can. We have years of hardware design experience too. Contact us to get a quote.

The Future of Embedded System Development

Embedded system development is an increasingly difficult task that requires specialized operating system knowledge. Complex systems create problems like priority inversion, deadlock situations, race conditions, and unacceptable task latencies that are difficult to predict and reproduce. Off-the-shelf operating systems are difficult to debug and often require large memory footprints, have large overhead delays, and are not flexible. To create a custom operating system requires special software experience and is usually beyond the abilities of a typical hardware designer. Developers need new tools to easily create an optimized operating system. Zeidman Technologies is creating these tools.

Platform Systems on a Chip (SOCs)

An exciting emerging technology is just now coming to market. Platform SOCs — FPGAs and ASICs with embedded processors — are being offered by all FPGA vendors and many ASIC vendors. Examples include the Virtex-II Pro from Xilinx, Excalibur from Altera, and RapidChip from LSI Logic. These devices are predicted to become the main platforms for embedded system design. They give developers control over their designs and allow them to optimize their hardware resources. Tools are needed to allow the same kind of flexibility in creating the software as already exists for creating the hardware. Zeidman Technologies is creating these tools.

Programmable Processors

Another exciting new technology, programmable processors — processors whose architecture can be modified by the user to fit the application — are being offered by many processor vendors. Examples include the PSoC from Cypress Microsystems and Xtensa from Tensilica. These devices allow developers to optimize their hardware resources for their specific applications. Tools are needed to allow the same kind of flexibility in creating the software. Zeidman Technologies is creating these tools.

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Zeidman Technologies products are covered by the following US patents:
 US 6,934,947; US 7,210,116; US 7,620,928; US 7,647,583; US 7,882,488; US 7,900,187; and US 7,945,879